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Cloth Wipers

ince 1923, recycling has been the foundation of our business. We carry a large assortment of new and recycled materials each cut to a generous size to assure you that every wiper is usable.

Traditional cloth wipers are available in a variety of types and sizes. Listed below is a small sampling of the wipers we offer, however, we have all types of materials available. If you don't see the materials you need, please ask your representative. We have every type of wiper for every requirement.

Reclaimed rags are made from materials that have been washed and sanitized according to industry standards. They are durable, strong and washable. They can be used many times.
Specialty Wipers are made of materials that have never been used before.
Wipes are categorized by the Types of Applications for which they are suitable.
These products are available wiperrags@msn.come label, our private label or as shown.
Wipe-Tex Corp.
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Most cloth wipers are available in 5#, 10#, 25# and 50# cartons or by the bale.
Specialty Wipers
Near White Medium and lightweight light colored general wiper Hermitex Ideal for low lint polishing and wiping of fiberglass, stainless steel, etc.
No. 1 White Light weight 100% white economy wiper Tac Rags Easily remove contaminants prior to painting or staining
Polo Recycled color cotton T-shirts & polo Tubular Knit An ideal polishing cloth
White / Colored Tablecloths and Napkins Low lint cotton / large pieces Cheesecloth Perfect for staining and critical wiping, paint straining, filtering, cheese making, waxing, furniture staining, retail, syrup/jelly making, tile polishing, faux painting, crafts, canning, dusting, graphic arts, food preparation, specialty use. Multiple thread counts available.
White / Colored Fleece Soft and absorbent mainly sweatshirt material
Flannel Nonabrasive and absorbent, excellent quality
Pastel Knit T-shirt and polo material, excellent all-purpose
Pre-fold Diapers Soft and absorbent, 100% cotton, multi-ply
New Washed White Knit white knit material, washed to increase absorbency
Washed White Turkish Towels Large pieces of Turkish & Terry
White / Colored Huck Towels 100% cotton, low lint, highly absorbent, pre-washed
Turkish Towels / Heavy and absorbent
New White Turkish Towels Heavy and absorbent, perfect for carwashes
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