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makes your choices easy, offering the right absorbent for the right spill. We have rolls, dispersor packs, spill kits, pillows, drip pans, barrel tops, wipes. In short, a full and complete line of absorbents. Below is just a sample.
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Point Bond Spill Control

Gives added strength so products won't fall apart, even when saturated.

Save you money...pads are perforated so you use only what you need!

Color coded products...to help you identify the right product for different types of spills and how it needs to be disposed of:

Gray for water and oil based fluid
Blue for oil based liquids.
Safety Yellow for chemicals.
Saves you time...keep a supply next to work stations!
Wipe-Tex: Manufacturers & Distributors

Wipe-Tex's Universal
Point Bond Pads

Designed to absorb any water or oil based fluids. Keep your work place clean from everyday drips and spills. Our new Universal Point Bond Pads are bonded together so they won't fall apart when even saturated with liquids! They're made from highly absorbent polypropylene which soaks up to twenty times its weight in fluids. Wipe-Tex's Universal Point Pads are perforated so you use only what you need to keep waste to a minimum and help you save money! And with our Color Coding System, gray means these absorbents can be used for spills of both water and oil based fluids.


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We are a factory / distributor and make our own products!

Wipe-Tex's Oil Select Booms

Wipe-Tex's Oil Select booms are specially designed for industrial applications where you need to absorb oil off water. The highly absorbent, polypropylene fill soaks up to 20 times its own weight in fluids. And the blue color coding tells you what has been absorbed so you can dispose of it properly.


Skim oils off water from plant discharge into streams or waterways,
Skim off holding ponds, boom off maintenance ship yards or use for plant spills