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Our company has one of the most respected names in the industry but we realize that our reputation is only as good as our last transaction. Our loyal staff is trained to provide the best quality, value, waste reduction advice and service.

Wipe-Tex offers a complete a complete line of woven and non-woven products along with over 40 years of experience assisting our customers choose "The Right Wiper for Your Industrial Application."

These products include:

Reclaimed Wiping Cloths

Non-Woven Wipers

Specialty Wipers

Mill End Wiping Cloths

New Cheesecloth Bolt Goods

Paper Wipers

New Diaper Cloths

New Flannels

Disposable Bath Towels

Thread Wiping Waste

Tack Cloth

Paper Products

Every absorbent for any spill

Originally, the wiping cloth industry consisted only of cloth rags. Today, these rags represent only a portion of the wiping cloth industry. Non-woven wipers have increased their popularity over the years as a result of improved product development.

Today, Wipe-Tex offers all types of woven and non-woven products.

We have expanded our services to include:

ontract Converting Services
Private Label Programs

Wipe-Tex International is Headquartered in Bronx, NY
Manufacturing Facilities are located in Bronx, NY and Brooklyn, NY
Modern Laundry Facilities are located in New York
Overnight Truck Service is available in the New York, New England, New Jersey Markets
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Wipe-Tex Corp.
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